Thursday, September 01, 2005

2050 - An age without censorship?

Censorship. everybody hates it. Everybody seems to want it.


Censoring: counterintelligence achieved by banning or deleting any information of value to the enemy.

Source: Google Definition function.

Censoring doesn't and has never had a good track record is doing what it is supposed to do, prevent damaging content from getting to sensitive people.

As the definition above shows, censoring is just a tool in the hands of the powerful, used and abused in order to further the ambitions of the powerful.

Censorship as a concept is essentially biased towards the powerful and exists everywhere, in all kinds of media, from newspapers to books, from TV to cinema. Even the mobile content that is supposed to be on the "internet", so to speak, is censored.

What is the last frontier against this hypocritical concept of censorship? An immediate answer would be the Internet, of course. But is that really true? Can you publish anything you want on the Internet and not be censored (have your page removed, threatened etc.)?

The answer is a resounding NO. Here is the most recent example of repressive censorship.

And as always, here is a way to bypass the censorship.

Let us hope that 2050 sees an enlightened society that doesn't see the need to censor its citizens.


Ghost Particle said...

I would'nt say its an outright cencorship. And blogger would check to see if the site is really corrupt before deleting/ banning it.

2050 would/ should definitly be a free society.

gone said...

I would also like to say that it is a bit different being that it is censorship by a jury of your (our) peers, as opposed to those in power at Google. While they DO hold the switch, ultimately, they do not submit the flags. We do! Iron sharpens iron, let bloggers keep each other in check.

Saravana Kumar said...

I just love to live in a world without censorship, but for that to happen, all the people around should be more responsible. which is next to impossible. There are always fools around to show objectionable content.

But I do think there should be limits for censorship, I mean even the censor officials should be knowledgeable and responsible.

Tamizhan said...

Who decides what is objectionable? Guys censorship is not something a responsible society does to its citizens consciously. Censorship should be in the hands of parents, not 5 old farts whose morals are governed by hypocrisy. At least let the censor board be representative of population demographics.