Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Happy Blog Day

Let me first wish all my fellow bloggers a Happy Blog day. I wanted to write something today. But I didn’t know what to write or where to start. After writing and deleting few times, decided to write about how I got into blogging, and whether it has changed me in anyway. When I was searching for something in Google I came across a blog from Mithuna. Until that day, I didn’t even know a word called BLOG. After reading few articles I was instantly hooked into this blog. So I started visiting few more other blogs from the links she had in her blog. Second blog I went was Prasad’s Blog. After reading there, now I really want to start a blog for myself. But the problem was I have not written things like this before. The other problem I had in my mind was whether I can write regularly or and whether others will like my writing. I am a person who wants to try anything new when I see them first. But after awhile I will lose my enthusiasm for that and give up. In any hobby or whatever you name it, it is difficult to keep your enthusiasm going unless you just love, what you’re doing. Anyway I have survived this long.....hope I will continue...
Every blog is unique and gives a unique experience…. for the last few months I have enjoyed a great deal reading everyone’s experiences, poems, thoughts, rants, and some few useful tips ….I don’t read books…. Reading books for me is like a peacefull ballroom dancing for Mike Tyson. So these blogs gives me the opportunity to read... So people thanks for letting me, share your thoughts and experiences… And sorry if I had hurt anybody by writing anything stupid….and thanks for putting up with me for this long…. Enjoy….
Thought for the Post
“ We are like passengers in a train(Blog) journey....
.......Lasts only up to everyone’s destination…so enjoy...while it lasts…”
for Malaysian Bloggers
Happy Independence Day

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Ghost Particle said...

Thanx Prakash. Happy blogger day to you and everyone.

Everyone should have a blog story to tell...hope everyone can follow your lead.