Sunday, August 21, 2005

2 strangers with the same blood.

Sometimes it's just easier to blog from my heart ...

Recently, my grandma just passed away. She died a peaceful death after several repeated visits to the dreaded hospital. I was not close to her, being brought up by my parents, unlike my cousins who grew up together.

I was often at a lost whenever i came to visit back when she was healthier. What should I do? Should I tell her about my days? My life? In the end, everytime i would smile, hug her sometimes then proceed to the living room to play with my cousins.

Sometimes i regreted not siting on her bed, holding her hand and just spent some silent moments.

Therefore, when her lifeless body had been bathed and ready to be buried, the process of of wrapping her in white cloth truly moved me to tears. When the last of the white cloth finally covered her face i was thinking of all those little moments we had back when i was younger.

How she always give me money on my birthdays ...
How she always ask if i had eaten ...
How she always smile at me ...
How she always packed some goodies during Hari Raya for me because she knows i love it.

Maybe that's her way of loving me. A subtle way of loving which took me years to understand. Maybe we were both not sure of how to love. Still, I'm grateful taht she is finally free.

May you hear my prayers from beyond.

Thank you Grandma.

PS. thanks for adding me ya Siva.

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Ghost Particle said...

Thats really heartbreaking vini, so sad. Somehow, most of us will always be away from our grandparents. And to think back, its always the granparents who are the most influential to us, they way the lived and raised our parents in the troubled days of early and mid 20th century. Im sorry for you, and hope her soul be blessed by God.

Thanx for posting, np for the adding part.