Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Team to Tango..Neengalum Vaaango!!!

One more Blog.. ioiio

Isnt one blog enough for a person unless and until he wants to categorize his posts the way the blogger doesnt let him to? Hell yeah..

Isnt that a pain in the ass? Absolutely

Why Should I post my article somewhere.. which isnt gonna do any good to my site-counter? Good question!!!

Would I get some credits for what I post? Only God knows
(Well..As if Im going to post something creditable)

All these questions popped up for a second when I was asked to join a team blog. But they were all trashed when i saw a purpose in doing it. We are right now planning to run a blog till 2050 recording the scenes seen and the wheels we ventured in what is hopefully a wonderful journey. Am I going to live till 2050. God knows the answer. But i know that I am gonna be a part of this as long as I live.

Wont it be nice to look back at the changes the society has gone through at a later point of time. Iit might seem far fetched but Isnt farsightedness a boon as long as its sensible. Lets see.

Posted in both my blogs simulataneously

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Ghost Particle said...


a good post, nice way to write this. Yes, think of all the things that can b accomplished and also the amount of readers we can achieve by being in a team.