Sunday, August 21, 2005

Walking (Or Running?) towards 2050

Welcome. I feel very happy to be part of this huge effort to jot everything that happens around us till 2050.

Given the way the world had moved past the last 50 years both in terms of advancements in a number of sectors while coming across a lot number of new hurdles. Some of the technologies that changed the world in the past 50 years include but not limited to,
  • Use of Satellites for Broadcasts/Remote Sensing
  • Apollo Landing on Moon/Space Research
  • Invention of Personal Computers and Internet
  • Ever Changing Mobile Phone and Wireless Technologies
  • Blogging/Independent Publishing
  • Live Webcasts/Podcasts
  • Stem Cell Transplants
  • 4D Ultrasound in pregnancy monitoring
  • Security using Iris Recognition
On the other side, the world was also stuck by a number of accidents/incidents and developments like
  • Population explosion
  • Extensive use of natural resources leading to chronic depletion
  • Non-reversible diseases and syndromes like AIDS/Alzheimers
  • Political enemity among nations
  • Terrorism
There are a lot more that couldnt be mentioned here.

So, how will the world be in 2050?? Will all the trains run on MagLevs? Will the planes fly at Mach4 or Mach5? Will there be 12 lane/ 20 lane expressways? Would there be any currencies?? Will there be Plastic cards atleast? Plastic cards, passwords, door locks... everything is based on one basic concept - Security! Will everything become outdated and everything from Laptops to bank accounts be integrated by Iris recognition? Will phone calls be activated at the speed of thought?? Will the mobile phone technology still be there? Or will it become outdated? Or will terrorism lead to a full fledged World War III???

The world will see.


Spyder_Z said...

hmmm..nice future plotting !!!
but why 2050 ? anything special on it ?

G3 said...

whether its walking or running ... hope we are on the right path

Ghost Particle said...

Hi guys,

A great post Magnus. And each of your point can make great discussions and posts. We shall see what happens in the next 45 years. Lifes full of suprises. Lets hope all will be pleasent ones.

Hi Spyder, ill post the reason for choosing 2050 in a few days.

Hye Gaya, we will always be on the right path, but sometime even the right path converges into the wrong ones to create a much more competitive and exciting world.

Saravana Kumar said...

Wow I thought of writing the same thing here .. gayathri I don't accept that we are going in the right path, we have to change ourselves a lot. that would be one another purpose of this blog, will you accept it GP.

Ghost Particle said...

Yes, certainly Sara sarr. Its not only the evolution of the internet that were seeking, but the change in ourselves. How to transform this 'anti-social' technology to be a-part of out lives.