Thursday, September 28, 2006

First professional astronomer in the U.S.

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Maria Mitchell lived during the mid-1800s: a turbulent time when women were thought to be unworthy of higher education. Raised on Nantucket, in a broad-minded Quaker family, Maria rose above the prejudices that ruled her day to become the US's first professional astronomer.

Few girls of the time were lucky enough to have a father as broad-minded as William Mitchell. He taught her how to use a telescope, how to calibrate a chronometer, and encouraged her talent for science and mathematics. One of her earliest accomplishments was calibrating a chronometer (an instrument on which the safety of the crew depended) for Captain Chadwick, when her father was away. Unlike the other Mitchell children who found astronomy tedious, Maria quickly grasped mathematical principles and loved doing complicated calculations. At 16, Maria became a teaching assistant to a schoolmaster. The doors of the best colleges in the US were closed to her as a woman, and she could not immediately consider a professional career in astronomy. She later became a librarian and devoted her evenings to the study of the stars. Her position as a librarian also allowed her to continue her self-study of astronomy.

William Mitchell was loaned a telescope to conduct observations for the US Coast Survey, and Maria began to assist him. In 1847, Maria discovered a comet using their rooftop telescope. For this discovery, the King of Denmark gave her a medal. Her discovery also made her a celebrity and allowed her to travel widely through the U.S. and Europe. Maria set up an observatory behind the schoolhouse in Nantucket. She studied sunspots and double stars and wrote papers about astronomical events.

Saturday, September 23, 2006

Some Interesting on Science……

Men, in India and elsewhere around the world, have largely dominated the world of science and mathematics. But is this due to nature or nurture? Is there something biological that predisposes men to science and drives women away from it?

There is a growing body of research that proves otherwise. Societal values have long been forcibly imposed on female scientists, mathematicians and engineers, forcing them into second place. Despite subtle and overt expressions of oppression, however, there have been women who have excelled and become leaders in these fields.
Unfortunately, their contributions are often not given the recognition they deserve.

Everyone has heard of Einstein, but how many have heard of Emmy Noether, the mathematician whose work was invaluable to him, and whom he described as the greatest mathematical genius of all time? Many people attribute the discovery of the planet Uranus to William Herschel; yet few know that his sister toiled beside him, completed all the complicated mathematical calculations and countless minutiae that helped him in his research.

It would be impossible to chronicle the lives and contributions of the many women whose names are not as famous as they should be. Many died before their contributions were recognized, and thus their lives were not well documented. Let we explore the world of women scientists, technologists, engineers and mathematicians, and some females who made vital contributions to their fields in coming days.
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An amazing shortfilm.

Friday, September 15, 2006

What We Are

What we are

Monday, September 04, 2006

Hero Steve Irwin died:(

Steve Irwin famously known as The Crocodile Hunter have been killed by a stingray barb that went through his chest, while swimming to film a documentary. more here....

Steve Irwin is a super hero of catching Crocodile. He makes documentary films with Crocodile and Reptiles for the televisions he hosted with his American Wife Terri Steve. Its been long I watched his shows in Discovery and Animal Planet. I love his shows and wonder of his brave act, it was very shocking to know about his death. We missed a real hero, his praise will be every where in this world, his memorise are undestroyed for his fans.

God beless his soul and my heart fell solace for every one who miss him, esp. for his cute Baby Robert known as Lil' Croc hunter.
Steve Irwin, Wife Terri and Little Hunter Robert