Monday, September 04, 2006

Hero Steve Irwin died:(

Steve Irwin famously known as The Crocodile Hunter have been killed by a stingray barb that went through his chest, while swimming to film a documentary. more here....

Steve Irwin is a super hero of catching Crocodile. He makes documentary films with Crocodile and Reptiles for the televisions he hosted with his American Wife Terri Steve. Its been long I watched his shows in Discovery and Animal Planet. I love his shows and wonder of his brave act, it was very shocking to know about his death. We missed a real hero, his praise will be every where in this world, his memorise are undestroyed for his fans.

God beless his soul and my heart fell solace for every one who miss him, esp. for his cute Baby Robert known as Lil' Croc hunter.
Steve Irwin, Wife Terri and Little Hunter Robert


Nirek said...

I have seen this guys shows...its really sad! may his soul RIP!

Ghost Particle said...

its really sad to loose an eco warrior like him who brought much knowledge to the world. Admire his dedication.


Moorthy said...

jus miss him a lot!

Pecos Blue said...

I agree very sad indeed and in such a bizzar way.

Keshi said...

Steve was a true Aussie legend.

His public memorial will be held in Brissy'll be shown LIVE ard the world.