Friday, September 15, 2006

What We Are

What we are


cosmicblob said...

LOL - vely vely funnieee (in monkey language)

Moorthy said...


after all we are just from monkeys and that doesnt mean we are monkeys!! ok now go and see the video again!!

Keshi said...

monkeys we descended from lol!


Live the Future said...

Great video, GP! Thanks for passing it along. Maybe the monkeys at CosmicCode might also appreciate seeing this? :-) Whoever made this film is someone who can see the Big Picture of things.

Looking at us humans through the perspective of this video, one can easily imagine why, if there exists many space-faring alien races, that none of them has bothered making contact with us yet. As a species, clever as we are, we're still quite immature.

And yet, I found a bit of irony in the reference to Nietzsche. In "Thus Spake Zarathustra," Nietzsche's Overman was someone who had learned to overcome the artificial limits of society, culture, religion, tradition, etc. that society places on us, and which we place on ourselves. The modern-day equivalent to the Overman might be the transhuman or posthuman. Nietzsche seemed to recognize that while humans were indeed merely sophisticated monkeys, that it was nonetheless possible to become more than we are, to truly rise above the animals in our thought processes and behaviors. I think he had his doubts as to whether all or even most humans could accomplish this, but he certainly believed that some individuals could. And I think I would agree. I don't know if one would call it "enlightenment," but at times it sure seems like some humans are operating on a whole different plane relative to others. Some people just seem to "get it," while others are content to live in their fantasy worlds with their dogmas and politics and theologies.

venus said...

good one!