Thursday, August 25, 2005

Talk. Talk the Google way!

Yes, Talk. Talk the Google way!

If there is one company that had sent shivers all along to its rivals (Read Yahoo! and MSN) in this internet era, it should be Google! The world's best search engine to the world's best email system to the most-used blogging tool, blogger, followed by Picasa, Google has come a long way! Google Suggest, Google Scholar, Google Maps, a lot more can be said. But, this one is a huge leap!

Just a few hours back, Google launched its own IM Client Google Talk. You can Download it here. Soon, I wish I'll dump that Messenger and Talk on my own! Nothing more to say here to coax you more. Download. Do it now! That's it! :-)

Img Src: Google Talk Page


Chez said...

Thanks to GP making me an admin, This site has been spruced up a bit.

The Template is widened to give better eye-movement, and therefore easy reading of posts and also to encourage writing more.. :-)

A small intro is provided at the top of the sidebar.

The links are re-coloured, with light yet noticeable colors. These colors would enhance the pleasant feel of the site.

And the recent post list will have the name of the authors beside their respective posts!

Yet another addition to the template if you'd noticed is the nifty little counter continuously counting down towards 2050. I just wondered how long do we have till 2050. Putting up tht counter gave the number to be just a day less than 16200 days!!! Cool!

Keep blogging, we've got all those days ahead! There's more to come... :-)

Prakash said...

Hi Magnum
Yes true Google has come long way....
Let us know whether it is good to use...
And the blog looks good after ur mods...
Keep it up guys

Barath said...

Google talk rocks...but wish it had features like trillian or other messenger progs...which lets us add the yahoo and msn people who have been living with us for years now...! or does it have that already!?