Monday, August 15, 2005

Hi people!

Thanks for the invite Gp. I actually planned to write some philosophical BS but on my way up to class, i just saw something which affected me in a strange way.

Yesterday, as we all know, was Indian Independence Day, and I was celebrating my independence by having a smoke right outside the college .

Three full grown men had tied a young boy about 10-12 years of age, to a tree using the strong nylon packaging rope that you get at godowns.

They were 'teasing' him, asking what the colors of the national flag were. The boy first took it sportingly and answered the first two colors right. He forgot the name of the bottom most color (green), maybe he did not know it, maybe it was the fear that had sealed his mouth shut.

The men then started poking him with a small pin, asking him what the color was and telling him they would let him go if he answered. The boy started mewling, crying for his mother.

His mother never came. The men got tired after 5 to 10 minutes and let him go. He ran a few yards, turned around, shouted an expletive and ran even faster after that, disappearing around the corner.

I just stood there, barely 20 feet from the scene of the crime, finishing my day's last cigarette.

Why was I unmoved? Why did I not go to the boy's help? These men were not rowdies or anything. One of them was my college watchman. I could have gone and saved the boy 5 minutes of torture. Why didn't I go to his help?

I feel ashamed as I write this, but why did I not feel anything as I watched the whole thing happen?

I think this disease affects not only me but Indian society itself. I might sound like Ambi from Anniyan, but hey, I am also one of those guys who stand around the dying man, hesitating to touch him because it would become a police case. (If you have seen Anniyan, you know what I am talking about).

I just hope that 2050 is better, and I hope to be part of the new society that can ensure the safety and dignity of each and every citizen.

Fuck new year resolutions, I am taking an Independence Day resolution. Never again. i will not stand by and hesitate to take action when something happens.

Now, who is willing to stand with me?


Ghost Particle said...

I'll stand, but not for long. Hehehehe....nice post bro. Good Thoughts. 2050 will definitly be better, unless an asteroid destroys earth! happy independance day!

JVC said...

Count me in Tamizhan! We will kick those animals!

Saravana Kumar said...

So sad to see these helpless situations around. but believe me people you could not do anything, because the disease is everywhere. Eliminating one germ is not enough, a solution should remove the root cause of the problem.

Now little bit into my philosophical musings. There is a certain universal law, which is very similar to newton's third law "Every action has a equal and oppositte reaction". No I'm not trying to say something like Anniyan "Ivargal Garuda Puranam padi dhandikkapaduvaargal". Instead take the converse of this situation.

This small young fellow might have been a mischief somewhere in the past (I'm speaking about the past lives) torturing helpless people. Now he is enjoying the reaction of what has happened.

That is why the wise people of the past have concluded that doing bad is inevitable, but never get attached to the actions. Act because you are supposed to act, because its your duty.

Yes I also mean that helping that young boy is a duty as we happen to spectate. Do what small we can do to the society, though we know it can't be totally ruled out.

ioiio said...

Insensitivity has been the bane of our society for a long time now. Lets see what we write abt this in 2050.

Tamizhan said...

miltry if i follow ur logic i am going to be punished for my inaction in my next life! oh man...