Thursday, September 15, 2005

To Restore the Pagoda tree

A Bit of information about Ancient India for I thought its my duty to tell the world what Real India is.

Many people know that India was the richest country in the world, in terms of culture as well as economy before the Mid-Easterners and Europeans ravaged through India. People searched for ways to reach India only for the treasure in the form of Gold it had in abundance. They were not only very much successfull in that, whereas they also acted as agents in suppressing the glorious Indian culture.

Today even in India we are having tough time accepting what this Indian culture is !! Thanks to Adengappa, fellow blogger for bringing into light this Article here. Its got loads of information on how these traitors from the west succeeded in satisfying their selfish greed at the cost of civilization.

It has been estimated that the total amount of treasure that the British looted from India had already reached £1,000,000,000 (£1Billion) by 1901. Taking into consideration interest rates and inflation this would be worth close to $1,000,000,000,000 ($1Trillion) in real-terms today.

The invaders discovered that as long as Indians holded on to their tradition it would be difficult to exploit the wealth from this country. A small peek into the education system as analysed by the britishers in ancient India is breathtaking. During a survey taken in 1822, Bengal presidency had 1 lakh schools, there was not a single village in Madras without a school and the education system was based on the highly intelligent sanskrit language handled by qualified brahmins. In present day because of the western influence, the brahmins are oblivious of their system of living.

In one of his letters to his Dad, Lord Macaulay writes

"Our English schools are flourishing wonderfully; we find it difficult to provide instruction to all. The effect of this education on Hindus is prodigious. No Hindu who has received an English education ever remains sincerely attached to his religion. It is my firm belief that if our plans of education are followed up, there will not be a single idolater among the respected classes 30 years hence. And this will be effected without our efforts to proselytize; I heartily rejoice in the prospect'

The end result is that the world understands that the Brits made the Indians civilized. What kind of information do we written in the history texts. Now there are great people who have testimonials for the Indian culture. Indian culture is a serious study in the west. People are exploring the fields of Yoga, Indian scriptures, occult practices and Philosophy.

Its the duty of each and every sincere Indian to live upto the ideals and restore the Pagoda tree.


Grey Vampire said...

I dont think the erath is going any where by we cursing the west and the west fighting to rule us.....

The English got control of us for this simple reason...We fought among ourselves....

So if we earth people fight among ourselves.....And hate other nation people.....The earth is VULNERABLE....Take the wets as ur brother..Wont u change his attitude????Try...Dont Keep Cursing them

Ghost Particle said...

I still believe in a world nation rather than a country centric existance. but we have to make our bases strong to save the world. so all the best to India. Maybe it can finally take the leadership role to restore the world to a moderate dynamic save free world.

Saravana Kumar said...

GV -- I dont know if you've understood the reason of my post, I'm not cursing any of them. I'm just saying the world that these ppl have spoilt our culture.

GP -- Ya even I'm not country centric, I just wanna bring out how India was 500 years back, I mean culture wise