Thursday, September 15, 2005

Where Will I Be in 2050?

Will this blog indeed be online in 2050? One thing's for sure: I won't. But where WILL I be on 2050? In heaven? In Hades? In Nirvana? In another incarnation? In a hole in the ground? Back in the matrix? But at least my daughters will be able to check if this blog is still around. I don't envy them. Should we feel sorry for having out children in a world like this?

One thing's for sure: GP will be a wise old man who's been to Mars and back.



Jeevan said...

I think the life in 2050 will be very risk, comparing to now the polution will be high 2050 in world.
It is doubt we will live for 5 years. :)

Ghost Particle said...

oh jeevan, you must stop believing crappy stories. its all about dynamics. greater polution means greater effort to manage it. 5 years is small, even 50 is small, we will prevail.

Ghost Particle said...

A good post Fred, youll b alive old man, ill make sure of that, even if i have to do some senecense or AS treatments to you, complimentary of SBaxter labs. :D:P