Saturday, September 17, 2005

What's in a name?

[Lotsa thought-provoking writeups being posted here. But honestly, serious stuff scares me. :) Thought I'd do my bit to lighten up the mood a little.. So flicked an old post of mine from my blog. Hope you don't mind!]

Once upon a time,

Lived the legendary Ruffs
Who embraced a life of crime,
Of fraud, deception and bluffs.

They had only one desire,
Which was to be known for aeons,
As being a notch higher,
Than the immortal Corleones.

David Ruff, the grand old man,
Had been the first to take the plunge,
To start building a Mafia Clan,
Creating polished crime from grunge.

David had an able son,
His only successor named Dustin.
For his dad, he'd wield the gun,
Without a single question.

Though the Ruffs soon grew in stature,
They had a fear, leaving them feeling riled.
They began to panic about their future,
When Dustin grew older, still without a child.

Finally one day, Dustin's efforts paid off, :)
And brought the Family euphoric joy.
The Grand Old Man could finally laugh
In happiness, looking at the baby boy.

The family decided to name him
While David was still in town.
The old man, acting on a whim,
Named him after Dan Brown.

That was when tragedy struck,
And the Old Man realised his mistake.
He'd landed his family in deep muck,
With family prestige at stake!

But alas, the damage was done,
The kid, as suggested, was named.
A terrible thing to do to his grandson,
The Old Man felt ashamed.

David was filled with sorrow and dread,
A sense of shame overwhelming enough,
To make him wish he were dead,
After having named the kid, DAN D. RUFF!!


Harish said...
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Ghost Particle said...

hye, nice funny poem. welcome to the team.