Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Beholding the candle.......

A compass pointing towards a new horizon
Isn't this a time for all fears to be fully shun
Life is a candle that burns on both its sides
One lights future and other, the past it hides
As time merges the future, present and past
Take it in your stride while it moves so fast
Let us await a new world of endless smiles
Every step of ours towards the victory miles
Let there be toast and wine and a content sigh
let the world take a step towards a spirited high

Let us all together hope for a better world and a better place to live as we make our journey towards 2050
Thanks GP for the invite


Ghost Particle said...

hi smyta...nice post. excellent poem. welcome to the team.

Prakash said...

i was wondering that no one in our team who writes poemmmm....nice one..and welcome to the team...