Thursday, September 29, 2005

Poverty Tourism

Poverty Tourism

This is the new buzzword people. Poverty tourism is the breakthrough concept that is going to make the Indian Tourism industry really boom! Remember Munna Bhai (Pooor People, Reeeeel People)?

There is an article about it here.

Though the phrase sounds somewhat derogatory, the general attitude of whoever writes about this issue seems to be politically correct, but I think its just to avoid flaming.

I think Poverty Tourism, in the long run, will make the so called first-worlders more sensitive to international poverty and will force a rethink on poverty in their home country.

Your thoughts guys and girls?


Nobrainer said...

In the long run, I think it will encourage countries to maintain poverty to maintain tourism.

Live the Future said...

Nobrainer, that would rather defeat the purpose of it, wouldn't it?