Friday, September 16, 2005

History X

About 30 miles from my hometown, there's a place called the Bujang Valley, where the ancient Indians from India landed in the state of Kedah, Malaysia and started a long lasting civilization nearly a thousand years ago. No clear research have been done to find out why the ancient 'Kedah Tua' civilization became extinct. Archeological digs was started probably by British colonists in the early 20th century and many of these temple's called Chandi's were recovered. The snap below is of one of the biggest temple ruins there, all the temples were removed from their original spots and rebuilds. Many Malaysian have only heard of the valleys name, some have visited along their school trips and such. But the majority of Malaysians doesn't bother much of ruins such as this. Forgotten historical sites are common in the South East Asia region and lest we remmeber them, then there wont be any left to remind us of out past cultural and civilizational emergence.

You can click the link (the title of the post or the photo) and visit the photos I snapped some years back.

Have anyone been to the Angkor Wat or the ancient ruins in Greece? Please share your experience and photo's.


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Jeevan said...

Nice information about Bujang Valley.

Prakash said...

Gp...yes every time i come there is something different in the template....but looking good though..
anyway nice pics and info man.....

Nyneishia said...

Neat.. Quite intriguing. Will return to check the rest of the postings.

Saravana Kumar said...

hmm I really want to see Ankhor Wat before I die