Thursday, September 08, 2005

Leaps of an young nation, India!

A Little over an hour ago, the 30-scrip Sensex (Sensitive-Index) of the Bombay Stock Exchange at Mumbai, India crossed yet another milestone in its 19 year history. Little do we remember of that horrible crash of the bourses on the Black Monday an year ago on May 17, 2004. Today, at 10.12am IST, the Sensex leaped and bounced to its new high crossing 8000 points. The sensex was at 4050 on Black Monday.

From 5000 to 6000 Sensex, took 118 days, from 6000 to 7000, it took 216 days and from 7000 to 8000 it has taken just a couple of days less than 80! It may be odd that the sensex has gone to new level, given the rising inflation and surging oil prices after the devastation caused by hurricane Katrina in New Orleans, USA. But, Sensex and Indian Economy, both are on the rise, indication of the strong growth rate of India, in the past few years. Considering all the current developed nations and camparing them, one would easily understand that India, with a short history of independence of just 58 years has come a long way trying to be on par with those nations on all fields of technological advancements as well as economic growth. And, it has a long way to go, on its positive note today.

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