Saturday, September 17, 2005

Children of 2005...Leaders in 2050

While we eagerly await to see what the world would look like in 2050, we have to remember that it's the Children of today who will be the leaders in 2050. It is our responsibility to restore the right to a childhood to the millions of children around the world, who do not have a single meal to eat, who live on the streets, who are harassed child laborers, who are abused...who do not have their basic rights to a childhood ....only then can we even dream about 2050.

There are numerous non profit organizations working to help under privileged Children.

As my first post on Earth2050, I would like to present CRY - Child Relief And You America Inc., that is working to restore the basic rights of Children. Find out about CRY America Inc.

Show your support for Child Rights NOW!
CRY America Inc. is organizing Walk 2005, a fundraiser in 6 cities across the United States. Find out more about CRY America Walk 2005. Please let your friends who live in these cities know so that they have the opportunity to be part of this noble cause.

Not able to participate in the Walk? You can still help through Walk Pledges.

Dream a little dream for me...
Children of 2005, Leaders in 2050.

~CB~ :?)


Jeevan said...

It is a important post.

Ghost Particle said...

i really do hope they can rebuild new orleans and give a hope of life to all the people. god bless.

cosmicblob said...

GP - On that subject, and since my post is about CRY, here's some info