Thursday, September 15, 2005

That Something....

Now I know there is problem in not writing precisely....Most of u did not get the message. And some extra ordinary, obnoxious reactions....But there was something really striking here.

Ekantha saying..... "And when something doesn't just belong to you ". I hope she wasn't reffering to the earth.But,Unfortunately she was. And that was the most funniest thing.

When there is a something called A. And some other thing called B uses it and B is the only thing using it. Imagine, A might be a mighty,powerful thing, But without B. I dont think it matters whether A existed or not.

Similar analogy. I dont think there is in any way the earth doesnt belong to us.Imagine an earth without us (and other living things). Meaningless. The sole purpose of earth is to house living things.

What I am trying to tell u here is, The earth doesn’t want u to take care of it. All it wants is for U take care of urself(I know we could very well do off without ozone depleting and global warming and stuff)...But that is the next issue.’ Man for man' is the sole purpose of living. The earth has lived so many years and will live till the expanding universe and sun suck it. So I don’t think all these small problems man causes to earth bothers it(Unless it is a problem for man himself).

That is exactly why I wanted man to spend on research and fundamentals...Read this (Another striking issue).

Yes! Accepted ekanta we need to be careful. But all we need to be is careful and Not too careful.

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ekantha said...

Mate. Can I just interject here? So maybe the Earth isn't really affected by you but guess what, I am. Your effect on me and every future generation is an effect which involves spending the precious resources needed for our living and destroying the beauties of this world that remain for us to see. Sorry for being ungrateful, but I'm sure there are many of us that would really like to see the wonders of places such as the Great Barrier Reef (before it dies in the next 20 years or so as a result of global warming: a phenomenon most definitely accelerated by humans) and if you wouldn't mind, when I am older I would like to live in a city which isn't smothered by pollution that you don't mind producing because you think the earth can handle it. Just to reinforce my point, I want you to imagine how your kids are gonna feel when you show them how you took such great care of the world that they are to inherit. If I was to be your kid, I would be almighty annoyed at you for bestowing upon me a planet which you had the audacity to go and stuff up because you felt that your duty in life was only to look after yourself. I'm sorry but I don't think your philosophy of just looking after yourself will prove to be effective. Do you know why? Because the earth also knows how to look after itself and when we become an obstacle to it looking after itself, I'm sure it will find a way to continue as an entity which does not support us. Hopefully, if that happens, a newly-evolved set of beings will come along who aren't stupid enough to think that the world needs more parasites to live off it. These beings will, I hope, be intelligent enough to come to the realisation that what is needed is a symbiotic relationship between living organism and environment.