Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Which side you want to be in ?

Well iam starting to write this after just finsihing up a movie. FIGHT CLUB. It was really a conflict of one with himself .

It was only after watching this i realised ANNIYAN was so very messed up .

Its a fact that all of us want to be something else than what we are.More powerful … To be able to do what ever we want and not be afraid of others or this society .

I just relaised i have a wicked side too.How wicked i can be .. i guess is relative .
I see a girl on the way and i get attracted to her . what do u call that ..definitely not love ?
yes some call it appreciation of beauty but deep i know i would want to do much more than just appreciate.Before staring at me ask the same question back to yourself and you might be surprised .

Here in this story there a ordinary guy who thinks his life is boring and that he is pretty much useless.and he goes on to meet Tytler who is nothing but a part of himself and he is just what he really wants to be . Powerful active and happy with what he is doing.

But his real himself tries to keep him away from that wicked image atleast thats what it is shown as but the truth when u really watch out for is that his tendency is really to move more towards Tytler.

The director never lets you know this intention until the last frame wherein there is a flashing image that goes by !. He makes his galfriend stand out in a place and have all the buildings burst around her :) . and before you realise what has happened
The credits start rolling over . I had to rewind and see the frame again and i think all it says is the real persona has finally gotten rid of the real himself and his liking for the more powerful and more happy Tytler makes him become a real Tytler .

It seems unconventional because we expect the evil to be dead in the end .But what would have you done ?

Be the same yours or choose a new one !

did u see any change in my way ??

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