Thursday, February 02, 2006

Third Time Lucky

That’s the way the next Bryan Adams tour of India is being promoted. I came across 2 promotions based on this theme. The first one was on TV, it’s starts like this, “when he came for the first time…”, then a glimpse of his first tour to India appears, after that the ad says “…you had a girl friend but no money”. A glimpse of the audience of the First Tour appears on screen. After that the ad says “The second time he came…” a glimpse of his second tour to India appears, the ad says “…you had money but no girl friend”. A glimpse of the audience of the second tour appears on screen. Then the volume of the background music increases…the ad announces the third tour of Bryan Adams to India. Implicitly it means that if you have a girl friend and money and want to have fun at the Bryan Adams show, here is your chance. This is one catchy promotion for a rock show.

In a music outlet here, where the tickets for the concert is being sold. I saw another promotion. The print ad said when he came for the first time, tickets were available but u did not have money. When he came for the second time, u had money but the tickets weren’t available. Now here is your chance. Tickets are available here.

When he came for the second time, I was completely surrounded by friends who liked Bryan Adams; I ended up being in the concert. But now strangely enough, the same old friends and new friends not even a single soul is interested in Bryan Adams songs. I don’t know what happened over the years, but I still like his numbers. Of course all said and done I would not be third time lucky. This summer of 2006 is of course not a “summer of 69” for me since this is not the “Best of me” to be on the “Cloud number nine”. And the concert night I wouldn’t be saying “Let’s make a Night to remember”, now if you would “Please forgive me”, I just “Can’t stop this thing we started”. Always remember that “Everything I do, I do it for you”, I would be soon coming “Back to you”.

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