Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Voilà 10000 !

We are finally there; the Bombay Stock Exchange’s Market Capitalization-Weighted Index BSE-30 more popularly known as “SENSEX” hits 10,000 for the first time yesterday. A Decade before who would have thought something like this would at such a short span of time in the Indian Equity Markets. This happens at a time when the communists are part of the ruling coalition in the country.

Critics might say no matter what happens; the stock markets are highly volatile places to put your money in. But history has been on the side of the Game theorists, who believe the Stock Markets are nothing but a Positive Sum Game. Over a long period of time it would always be on the up move. It is just that in this game only very few players would win in big time and there would be lots of small winners and extremely small number of losers. Remember this theory applies for people who stay invested for a long period of time.

Go Play the Game.
"Someone's sitting in the shade today, because they planted a tree long time ago." - Warren Buffet

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