Tuesday, February 07, 2006

No War, Only Peace (100th post)

After the Sri Lankan Foreign Affairs Minister Lakshman Kadirgmar (73) was short dead by an unidentified gunman in Colombo on August 12 , 2005, the war fear started in Srilanka. The Sri Lankan government declared a state of emergency for two months, after Kadirgmar died. The Government accused LTTE for killing Kadirgmar, but they rejected it. In this situation the President elections came on November, in this Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapakse wins the election and selected as fifth President.

After the elections, the President Rajapakse called the LTTE to continue the peace talk, and also said it like to keep an asian country as the ambassador, but LTTE denied to continue the talk, and said it like to keet a European country as its ambassador. In this situation on December 23 the suspected LTTE rebels blew up a convoy in the northern Manner district, killed at least 13 sailors, after the ceasefire agreement with Sri Lankan Government in 2002, this is the biggest suicide sea attack. After this attacks, the LTTE continue its attacks on Lankan Navy and innocent people, they killed a woman and here daughters in Jaffna peninsula on January 16, in the following days they have gunned two brothers and 2 soldiers, and they are killing at least a person almost every day. After the suicide attack carried out by the Sea Tigers, guns are a common sight along the beach. Many fishermen’s feel forced to stay close to the shore, because they usually go up to 5km in the sea, but now they go only up to 1km., they fear that the Sri Lankan navy will mistake them for Sea Tigers and fire, because of this hundreds of people who depend on fishing are taking other jobs. When the peace delegation ask LTTE to explain the attacks against the military in the recent times, the LTTE denied responsibility, even of the spate of claymore mine attacks that killed over 60 soldiers since December. The people in Sri Lanka are really afraid of these killings, and don’t know when the War will start, so many people leave there country and comes as destitute to South Tamil Nadu, like Rameswaram, Kanyakumari, the destitute continuously coming to Tamil nadu in recent days.

Already the Tsunami struck the Island in 2004 and destroyed many housed and many people killed and the normal life was completely shaken. Just now the people are coming out from the fear of tsunami, and getting relief and new houses, which was constructed by foreign NGO’s, the NGO’s said it will take at least 2years to complete the buildings. When the war starts now, the hard work of organizations will be destroyed, so they are feared that another tsunami will attack soon in the name of war and wash them.

Finally the Sri Lankan government selected the European country Geneva as its Peace talk ambassador, the LTTE also said yes to this decision on January 25, I think the peace talk will be held in february. But there are lots of confusing scenarios emerging in Sri Lanka of the breakthrough that has been achieved to hold direct talks between the Sri Lanka and the LTTE on January 25th. The LTTE has delegated for the talks under the leadership of its chief negotiator, Anton balasingham.

When the War starts, the Military and Tigers are going to kill many innocent people. If they love their people they like to do good things for them, they should not go to war, should continue their talk and give there people peace. For a long 20 year they are fighting each other, and given trouble for the people. If they forget the fight and all of them get involve and work for there country, we can see another Developed country like Singapore, I hope they have the power and facilities. When they go to war they are going to loss the country’s development, a country’s development is in the hand of forest and nature and also the People power, if they destroy it, who ever wins the Sri Lankan Government or LTTE, are going to loss the identity of there develop. I think in this peace talk there should not be another country involve, because their are many chance for them, to look for any benefits from this peace talk. But when they sincerely involve in the peace talk and like to give life for a country they can solve the problem. Hope for looking good result in this peace talk.

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