Friday, January 06, 2006

Real man in 2050?

This fall me and couple friends went to Chicago for a day. I wanted to go over museums and planetarium but ended up going countless hours over shops. It Chicago so it is ridiculously expensive. They go couple items for very expensive prices, something I could probably gotten in Russian for 1/50 of the cost. I didn't buy anything but something to eat, and some "pumpkin smell" body wash as present for my mom birthday. We went in a shop called AX, one of my friends bough at !!!!$140!!!! glittering shirt. I am thinking: WTF m8, what ever its your money. On way out the security system went off so we went back in. The MALE personnel near by acting very girlie said OMG, I don't know what to don in this case, all flattering around and called another person. That one at least checked and said that one of the other shops didn't demagnitise and we left.
My "little" 13-12 step brothers are very wimpy. The cry from a little scratch, one is like a diva wont eat anything, He cried when a piece of chicken liver was put on his plate!!!. I am noticing that kind of behavior from many kids. I am glad to admit that this kind of behavior is not wide spread yet, but by the 2050 who knows.....


Ghost Particle said...

THis is funny. I think its isolated, but we never know how evolution would take us. 50 years is a long time maybe we can see minor changes..

Live the Future said...

Chicago's a great place, I live about 2 hours south of there. It can be expensive for shopping, especially with the high taxes there, and parking's expensive too. But the museums are definitely worth seeing. Shedd Aquarium, Adler Planetarium (these 2 are within easy walking distance of each other), Field Museum (lots of ancient artifacts), Art Museum, and to the south, the Museum of Science and Industry (my favorite!). Sears Tower is also nice to visit on a clear day.

If you're there in early July and don't mind wading through crowds as dense as a Tokyo subway at rush hour ;-) , check out the Taste of Chicago. They've got booths for a few dozen restaurants where you can sample all kinds of deeee-licious foods. Just be sure to bring plenty of $$$ though, since as you've discovered, Chicago prices ain't cheap!