Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Healing Blogs

The Star had an excellent article on medical and patient blog on Sunday.
Here are the list of the bloggers doing their part for a better future.
Patients’ blogs

NF Malaysia – http://nf.yvonnefoong.com
The Digital Awakening – http://www.petertan.com/blog
Hee Boon’s Amazing New Adventures – http://fhbadventure.blogspot.com
Diabetes Mine – http://www.diabetesmine.com
The Skin Cancer Blog – http://www.skincancerblog.net
Living with Colon Cancer – http://www.eternal-optimist.ca/living
The Amazing Shrinking Man! – http://theamazingshrinkingman.blogspot.com

Doctors' blogs

Malaysian Medical Resources – http://medicine.com.my
Materia Medica Malaysiana – http://malaysianmedicine.blogspot.com
Dr Cheah’s Pages – http://drcheah.com
The PalmDoc Chronicles – http://palmdoc.blogspot.com
Malaysian Medical Students Website – http://ms.malaysianmedicine.com
The Hard Drive – http://academyalley.blogspot.com
KidneyNotes.com – http://kidneynotes.blogspot.com
DB’s Medical Rants – http://www.medrants.com
(sourced from TheStar Malaysia)

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