Friday, October 28, 2005

What a day!

Picture Courtesy: Random Useless Thoughts

42 cm of rainfall in 40 hours! In Chennai! Weird. After years of praying for rain, the weather gods finally answered our prayers.... and compensated for all the drought years by giving 42 cms of rainfall!!!!!!!! I was lucky though, not much of a flooding crisis near my house, so the electricity wasn't switched for most of the time. One of my friends hasn't had electricity for the past 30 hours. Compared to him, I'm living in paradise. Srirangam is almost submerged but the one good thing about all this rain is that we won't have any more water shortage issues for a long, long time. Today I had gone to the Doctor's office and on the way I saw a pretty unusual sight. The Chinmaya Nagar lake had risen up so much that you couldn't make out which was the lake and which was the road. Pretty scary stuff, especially when you consider the fact that the lake is more than 20 feet deep. Gives me shivers just thinking about it. Well, I just hope Tamil Nadu gets back on its feet pretty quickly and I also hope that the water on the roads gets cleared up so that people can have their electricity back.


Live the Future said...

I hope the flood damage isn't too severe there. Isn't 20 feet kind of shallow for a lake though? Maybe I'm just talking from an American bias, many of our lakes here are much deeper than 20 feet. Then again most of this country is temperate, and tends to get precipitation mostly evenly throughout the year, rather than all compressed into a short rainy season. So maybe it's a function of regional climate.

Anyway, here's hoping everyone's OK, and that your water supplies get replentished nicely.

IcEyeZ said...

Ya...Chennai - Rain ...Isn't it an Oxymoron ? ;-)

Neon said...

Till thursday, yeah