Thursday, October 13, 2005

2050 News Updates

Hi all,

While you're asleep last night, this happened;

[+] Microsoft and Yahoo! will tie up their messenger services soon. Read it at [SiliconRepublic] and [MSNBC] and [Forbes].

[+] Ipod will now play VIDEO! And so be it, now the Video and Mp3 players really have killed the Radio.

[+] The new iMac G5 is out.

[+] For the techno-geeks; [AMD-1GB NOR Flash Memory]

****** South Asia Quake ******

[+] Please visit the [South Asia Quake] blog for details on the relief efforts.



Jeevan said...

nice hear that Yahoo and MSN will tie up their messenger services soon.
South Asia Quake site is very informative to sent Relief materials. Thanks.

LifeMoments said...

The south asia quake site is really helpful, funny enough we were talking about this with my friend last week and am happy to say we sent our donations to the pakistan embassy here...