Tuesday, October 04, 2005

"I don't know how granny felt in 2005"

"Aha, Where have you been ?!" Vivek tried to playfully pinch the ears of his grand-daughter. "Careful Dad ! She just had her music player fixed into her ear ..." said his son Vijay coolly. "Oh God no!" Vivek muttered to himself as he withdrew silently. He had been protesting against this idea of his grand-daughter to buy this new music player (that fitted into your head), for nearly a week. What could he do? he had no say in his son's house...

Vivek sadly looked the little girl sway to music, a wire plugged into a socket in her head. When he was young, he used to pity children who had to live with such sockets fixed to their heads - they were ones who had brain complications.

As Vivek sat lost in his thoughts, he remembered his grandmother yelling at him with tears in her ears, "For heaven's sake take that thing of your ears Vivek!!, it looks like a hearing aid", and himself scorning her "Thats an iPod granny!! :) " . He had even termed that incident as funny and had posted that in his blog.

He immediately reached for his PalmTop and started writing a post at 'Earth 2050' titled "I Now Know How Granny felt in 2005..."

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