Saturday, October 08, 2005

2050; A Global Voice I

Hello members,

We have traveled for 3 months now and became better suited with this group and goals. I feel very happy to see the member roll; we have more that 35 members now. And also, appreciate the hard work put in but Magnus, Sara and all the members to make this dream a reality. Its a journey of all the members and reflects the views of a community. All the posts so far has presented us with an idea of how this group will evolve in the next year, and for the next 45 years.

I take this opportunity to start this post called [2050, A Global Voice]. This themed post will be an free open assignment post where all members can write and comments of the happenings in this group and also how we manage to change and interact with the rest of the blogworld and the world at large. I'll start with 2050; A Global Voice I and for the following [2050AGV] posts; the members can put the respective numericals.

About a week ago, one of the moderators wrote me an email suggesting a few changes. While we do have 35 and more members, some members still have not posted anything. I did remind myself that this is not an obligatory thing, members can post whenever they like. But being a blogger means starting somewhere and starting something. The next generation of web surfers, the internet (including us) will be the movers and shakers of the world. You can start anywhere, why not here at 2050. So take your time, maybe about 30 minutes and write your post. Anything or you can even post your post from your personal blog. Remember that the 2050 is an open forum using blogger. So it doesn't matter if your post is not of a general nature, if you think it can change and evoke responses from the members, then share it here. But all said, the rules (or the little of it that we have) wont change. Were still experimenting. In the future we want more bloggers who will join our journey. So during this trial period of maybe a year, please stay around and get used to the norms of this 2050 Idea. Maybe a post in a month will do, but please don't just stay and enjoy reading your name in the blogroll. And also, please read and respond to the blog posts. (I know that blogger limits the notification email to only one user. So if you see any updates, do tell you friends to come and read.)*

What benefits do you see in 2050? The 2050 blog lets you share your views across the physicals boundaries of the world. It lets your share and present your culture, writings and ideas, people, language and breakthroughs to the rest of the world. Think of the kind of instant feedback that you get. Think of the exposure you can get for your creativity. Think of the attention and the changes that you can promote.

Live life and Enjoy it!

2050 a Journey.


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Live the Future said...

Well, perhaps 2050 is more a reflection of the Internet than we'd hoped.

Not many people know this, but in terms of sheer numbers (not volume or weight), your body is about 10% "you" cells and 90% bacteria. The Internet is quite similar--what we see and are aware of are the content-providers, the people who write and create and blog. But they are outnumbered by the silent--and large--majority, the lurkers.

The human body has either a neutral or symbiotic relationship with most of the bacteria in it. Take all the bacteria out of a human body, and it would sicken and be malnourished. Similarly, if all the non-contributing lurkers were removed from the net leaving just the content authors themselves, there would not be enough "eyeballs" (viewers) for the Internet to be an effective means of information sharing. This is why BBS'es (bulletin board systems) died out once the Internet really established itself with newsgroups, then the web, then blogs.

Of course, the more people who contribute, the better, all I'm saying is that having a certain number of non-contributing lurkers is normal and to be expected. And let's face it, quantity does not equal quality. If everyone posted, you'd get really boring people who just posted about nothing in particular, rambling on and on incessantly and, um...I'll shut up now. :-)

hellkay said...

And i wud like to add a point,

Earth2050, instead of being a chronicle of events of 50 years (we are sure that there are zillions of databases to record them), it could rather be a record of the thoughts of people(can't exactly say 'people' so hmm, well, say bloggers), the perception of where their own life stands and what the world looks like to them (through the internet). And when we browse through these pages 50 years down the line - we sure will be reminded of what we felt this little 'Earth' was, when we were youngsters...

Amen ;-)


Ghost Particle said...

Hi guys, thanx for the comments, i appreciate all your views...and like i said...its for the members to decide what they want to do...I would love to have more members and even more lurkers who will comment and read. Its better than just posting and no one reading.

Thanx again for the cool piece Andrew and also Hellkay.