Friday, February 09, 2007

Smiling-My remote DREAM!

People say I no longer smile. I have completely lost it, my smile I mean, my brains are still intact. When and where did I lose my smile?

Was it when wars broke all over me? Was it when terrorism and terrorists became rampant in my place? Was it when due to the need of water I was malnourished, and my stomach rumbled resulting in destructions all over me? Was it when 3/4th of the water in my body engulfed the other 1/4th in the name of tsunami? Was it when Katrina dumped me and blew across me with such ferocity? Was it when I could not provide sufficient space to my expanding people resulting in poverty? Was it when the governments ruling my countries have become shamelessly corrupted and selfish? Was it when deadly diseases like AIDS and Cancer thronged their heads among the masses of my people? Was it when educational institutions’ became profit making institutions? Was it when medical services became minting money services rather than a noble service? Was it when people like Sadam Husain were once let to rule a country? Was it when innocent lives were taken, but corrupt and evil people like Osama Bin Laden were let to live? Was it when my next generation youngsters- the dream of the future started to follow the footsteps of such evil people? Was it when people in the name of religion started fooling others? Was it when it was no longer safe for little children to go out and play, due to the existence of such Noida serial killers? Was it when the amount of people committing suicide hit enormous figures? Was it when people could no longer live in harmony with others? Was it when materialistic satisfaction became more important to people than the concern for others? Was it when people started eating, drinking and living on money? Was it when God remained a silent visionary to all those happening around him?

Aren’t these plenty enough reasons for me to lose my smile? And are you thinking why I have lost my smile? Because, I am none other than ‘the World’. The poor, helpless world that, bears the extreme consequences of the above actions.

Will I smile in the future? It solely depends on you people and only you. Learn to make me smile. See me smile and blush, and I promise you that will be the most enriching, priceless experience in your life. It is a moment you wouldn’t forget. So work harder. Make me smile. Make my remote dream come true in the very near future.

Zany child

Driving people insane as always

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pilot-pooja said...

Hey 2050 Zany Child..
I want ur smile back!
Quoting a 2007 thought:

"Beauty is Power,
A smile is its sword"

and if that doesn't bring ur smile back, check my post:

Good Luck!