Sunday, February 11, 2007

The limits of communication

We write. We talk. We communicate in all ways possible. What do we want from this? Don’t we want the listener or the reader to get the feel of the ‘actual experience’ we had?

Language is an important medium of communication and perhaps the most significant one of all. It was introduced so that humans could communicate their emotions, ideas and feelings. Has the objective been achieved?

Yes. The feelings have been communicated. The ideas conveyed. And emotions expressed. If this is what we want from it, then ‘language’ has been successful.

But, if we wanted or desired the others to get the ‘actual experience’, and if we had tried hard to convey that (Either by writing, painting or music) then we will have failed. This is so because ‘our experiences’ cannot be shared by anyone else. It refuses to be shared.

And the closest we can come to it is through art-through expression. The ‘blogs’ tries it’s best to convey the ‘author’s emotions’. At times, few readers come close to it. Some readers wander off. Some get an opposite emotion. Basically, it all boils down to the perceptions of the readers.


Nirek said...

reader's perception masks the writer's thoughts- it's well said and it holds true for any type of communication, not just bloggin!

alex said...


I agree.