Monday, February 19, 2007

Hobbes is real and lynyrd skynyrd is dead

This is the first time i'm posting up here so be nice =D
Every day there's a newspaper in my house i read it. Calvin and Hobbes. These Guys are THE BOMB, the hotstuff, whatever you chose to call it. They're brilliant and so is they're creator Bill Waterson. For those of you who still don't know bloody ignoramouses Calvin and Hobbes is a comic strip, and NO its not a STUPID COMIC... it's a comic STRIP.. a WORLD of a difference.

These Strips not only handled childish behaviour but also politics, death and consumer rights.

Calvin's a six years albeit a very smart one, who has a vocabulary as vast as the Sahara.

He feels the world's out to get him and is very anti social except with his Tiger Hobbes and the girl next door Susie Derkins.

The question of hobbes existance is one of long fought debates. The fact is, it doesn't matter whether hobbes is a real tiger, a stuffed one, or simply calvin's imaginary friend. It just matters that the character is there and his existance is more on a deeper plane of understanding rather than physical.

Now i leave you with some Famous Strips, Enjoy.

Recently, i've found my self interested in amateur photography, and the below are two of my best so far i've taken.

The first is called Reflections, for Obvious reasons. It's just a tumbler and me reflected innit.

However with a DSC P150 sony, life's pretty tought because 90% of pictures are blurred in the Manual mode. Sad..

This one below, correct me if'm wrong, is taken with a slow shutter and a quick flick of the wrist. Very, ' tres chic' non?

Am i avant-garde yet??

Lastly, here's a song i love, "sweet home alabama" a blues/southern rock anthemn by ever green

Lynyrd Skynyrd

The band is divine and not in a holy sense. They're casual riffs and bluesy piano blend so perfectly it makes me cry to think that 3/4 of the band, including lead singer johnny van zant died in a horribly plane crash.



alex said...

Hail Watterson and Skynyrd!

Great post dude. :)

Ghost Particle said...

superb post. Love C&H...the embodiment of a true genius, the reflection of our life.