Wednesday, May 24, 2006

The Power Of Dreams

The future, today.


[+] Honda Message to the World; [Global Ads]


Live the Future said...

If you go by the sci-fi authors, we are seriously behind schedule! I have an old Buck Rogers comic book (from the 70's) which begins, "1987: Mankind launches the last of its manned deep-space missions...." In Arthur C. Clarke's "2001" we should already have a permanent moon base, centrifugal space stations, and interplanetary manned ships.

I think futurists tend to overestimate the rate of progress because many are incorrugible optimists. We want our glorious future, and we want it yesterday! It's great news to read about these major advances in technology; it lets us know that we are, indeed, moving into a better future.

Ghost Particle said...

indeed...and didnt politics kill everything the futurists dreamt of? We're even lucky to have mnc's like Honda/ Toyota/AMD/ Google doing something for the future rather than bogged down by the forever cycle of government funding inadequacies.

So will the futurist/ scientist, etc do something that justifies the millions given then?

We are late, but yet like you said, the direction is correct. Atleast.

Ghost Particle said...

incidently...going by ACClarke...we should have had Rama rolling into the solar system by now... :D

Ajay said...

nice one