Wednesday, May 31, 2006

CRY IDOL 2006 ... Agla Kaun ??!!

CRY (Child Relief and You) America Inc.
Southern California Action Center


Here's your chance to participate and enjoy the shows
and support the cause of Child Rights all at the same time!

July 8th 2006:
Audition for CRY IDOL 2006A Song and Dance Competition you don't wanna miss!! Audition finalists will contest at the Grand Finale in August 2006.Registration ends June 30 2006. Hurry register today!Log on to for details.

Also... don't miss your chance to Laugh your heart out!...
June 10th 2006:
"Laugh for CRY" Comedy show at the Acme Theatre, Los Angeles.
Life, Love, Laughter...what priceless gifts to give our children
Limited Seats! Buy tickets online at


RUMS said...

isn't it called Child Rights and You now? Or is that name change applicable only to India!:O

cosmicblob said...

Hey rums,

It is "Child Rights and You" in India but still "Child Relief and You" in the US - likely to change over time i believe.