Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Issues (2050)

Dear members,

As I have reminded everyone before this, we are in a one year trial period regarding the group postings, policies and the general setup. While there is absolute freedom on what the members may post, generally it would be best to stay away from purely political posts. I have taken the liberty of deleting both the reservation posts, posted recently because it seems to be going in an unfavorable direction. While we can actively debate human rights and student rights issue, this Reservation issue is bordering on racial sentiments as well. Many countries in the world practice reservation, in some it works perfectly and in some it actually marginalize the minorities. This issues can be resolved peacefully, and in an intelligent manner if done at the right places, and I believe the general visitors will be somewhat disoriented in the direction this group is going. Sorry if it hurts the members whose posts are deleted, but I have decided against political matters that have no clear solution. We don't even know if it will benefit or not if it doesn't materialize first. And certainly the 2050 group doesn't want to debate something that not absolutely concrete. ( IF the members feel that we should leave the post as it is, please leave a comment and we shall work this out; the posts are is in the draft mode).

The one year anniversary of the 2050 Group Blog will take place in August. By then I will create a clear direction for the group, the objectives and such. The original goals are in the first posts (refer the sidebar). The main aim of the blog would be to take it to the year 2050 while charting the changes we experience around the world. Issues such as technology, entertainment, science, education, culture, language and the general socio-economic evolution of the world would be the forefront of our movement. We can make critical suggestions and changes if we really work together.

When the group was launched, we had many members who wanted to share this dream, I really appreciate everyone who is part of this enigmatic group and still supports and believes in this cause. There are over 50 members here. We will make this a grand effort. Come August, all the changes will be in place, the categorization of topics, the general layout and also the weekly or monthly report. I hope the members are also aware that the report for each post can be received in your mailboxes using the feedblitz function bar at the sidebar. Just enter your email and create an account and you will rreceive all the post updates.

Thank you for your patience, and all your efforts for this blog and also the entire blogging revolution. If any members have any ideas regarding this blog, suggestions and also comments please email [] or leave a comment here.

Thank you.


Nishu said...

Since it is specifically referring to the members only, not the readers so its useless to comment on its content.

but, I believe there must be a stand for any forum on the issues which are important in reshaping the world. (read India if at all forum is concerned with progress/development/and a vision for India). Taking an ambivalent attitude is well practised by diplomats which usually are found in politics only.

And it would be very generous of the group for its reader if it provides all the revelant and researched thought-provoking articles with references only(which i observed it has been doing)like on reservation issue implemented in other countries with positive or negative effects. In India, obviously, we are observing what is happening.

Of course, the decision always lies in hands of members and in accordance to its agenda but neglecting the opinions of readers may not serve the very purpose of this blog.


Nirek said...

Fight against reservation by students is getting worse day by day in India. As rightly said, "Youth for Equality" indian youth fighting for equality among all people. The whole fight has brought a lot of good changes and I hope to see a fruitful consensus in the end.

GP, I consider this fight as historically significant event. If our group dont capture this event, we may miss out something big in our journey of 2050. We can allow those posts. Atleast we can help the youths fighting for Equality in this way of allowing them to express views in forum