Thursday, December 08, 2005

À la carte Menu

In 1541, at a banquet, Duke Henry of Brunswick was seen occasionally refering to a sheet of paper. When an inquisitive guest wanted to know what he was upto, he replied that it was a list of food being served & that he was reserving his appetite for those dishes he liked most.

The Idea was so novel & generally admired that it became a practice & was christened "Menu" which has origins in the French Language which meant "Minute details".

Bon appétit!


Shuuro said...

I think contributors to this blog have lost the purpose of starting this blog!, time for some honest introspection.

Ghost Particle said...

Shuuro...I do understand. This was still supposed to be the trial period. It would have been good if Blogger had some categorizing the posts can be tagged appropriately. But then, we shall wait for that. There will be some changes soon. Thank you for your comment.

Pal said...

Does this post doesn't fit this blog site?

Ghost Particle said...

It does, I dont think shuuro is reffering to your post. Maybe he had no where else to post a comment on the site.

Your post is really interesting. General Knowledge is the best way to learn the world. Thanx Pal.

Joaninha said...

Merci! Thank you! It's good to read your posts. We always learn something. Thanks for the visit and congratulations for the Blogs.

Pal said...

ghost particle & joaninha,

thanx for your encouragement & appreciation. hope i am active in this circuit in the days to come.