Monday, December 26, 2005

Always Remembered.

You wish to remember,
You wish to touch,
Suddenly a thousand lights went blind,
and everythings lost,
But the Human spirit always survives...

26th December 2004 Tsunami Victims. Always Remembered.


Ajay said...

yeah the r always remembered... 1 year ago disaster

Nahuatl said...

That also reminds us the strength of a human spirit.. to fight back the ugly things.

Ghost Particle said...

Let us all join hands in prayers this whole week. The disaster remembrance week.

Rising...... said...

They will always be remembered, the black week before the new years day last year. This bought out whole new strength in many groups of people who didnt know they had it before. Lets pray to God that these doesnt happen again, if they do, not much loss to the mankind..