Friday, December 09, 2005

December Season

You see a lot of photo's daily, but there can be only a few greats. I discovered Jim Brandenburg's story while going through back issues of the Graphis Journal. He's a legendary photographer who worked with the National Geographics Society and his collections and projects are simply stunning. His two amazing collections; 'Chased By the Light' and 'Looking for Summer- Chased by the Light II' which showcases natural imagery of the passing season. The first 'Chased by the Light Project' was published in the Dec 1997 National Geographics magazine carrying the most photo's ever in a feature. The project details Jim's effort in snapping only one frame per day for 90 days and relied heavily on his expertise to highlight the best images. Jim also founded the Brandenburg Prairie Foundation to promote the conservation of the Southwest Minnesota Prairies. Do visit his site, just click the image on top. (Image sourced from Jim's site and copyrighted by Jim Brandenburg)


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Ponnarasi Kothandaraman said...

All the photos in your blog are worth mentioning. They are really good. Have you tried photography? Bytheway last time I remember seeing some other blog pattern. Have you changed or is it the same one under modification?

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