Monday, March 12, 2007

Ahimsa Silk!

Thanks to BlueMoon for information about "Ahimsa Silk" - that is woven from a cocoon after the butterfly/moth has flown away from the cocoon so that the worms escape the dip in the fatal boiling hot pail of water. And kudos to Kusuma Rajaiah for this excellent idea of varying the silk retrieval technique slightly to reap the huge benefit of not having to kill thousands of silk worms! This Hindu article dated 3/6/2007 has the story about the inspiration behind Kusuma's invention, Mrs. Janaki Venkataraman, wife of the former President of India, R. Venkataraman. I commend her stand that led to this wonderful invention! "Ahimsa" - a perfect name too!

This surely is wonderful news for animal lovers, not so much because it opens doors to a guilt free wearing of the fine material, but the hope that some day, yes some day, there would be a total transformation in the silk industry to produce silk in this non-violent manner. Until the production of the Ahimsa silk is streamlined and produced in masses, the costs will probably remain prohibitive to become the mainstream silk production. And until such a day arrives, we will still be pained by the cruelty behind silk, fur and other animal based products.

But today, I join the many compassionate folks who care, in celebrating the "Ahimsa" silk and do hope that when you go shopping for this much fancied fabric, you would consider choosing the non-violent alternative!

Please visit the official website for details.

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