Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Extreme Engineering

Fancy a mile high skyscraper? Or a Transatlantic underwater tunnel? Discovery Channels Extreme Engineering series highlighted some of the most ambitious structures planned today. View the interactive archives here;[DEE-Amazing].

The list of all the projects covered in the series;[Wiki-EXtreme]

A similar program's in the National Geographics Channel;[Wiki-Mega]


ganapathy said...

nice blog, interesting articles.

Live the Future said...

United Arab Emirates seems to have more than its share of mega-projects! In terms of being forward-thinking, they're sure breaking the mold of Middle-East countries.

A lot of these projects require stupendous amounts of steel. I was actually kinda surprised to hear on the shows that the world doesn't produce more steel than it does.

I think my favorite project of the bunch is Tokyo's Pyramid City. It's a huge structure with about 80 separate skyscrapers inside!

But cool stuff, all of it.

Keshi said...

Sydney harbor tunnel is under water and it's really amazing engineering...