Tuesday, April 04, 2006

The Chennai Central Railway station sculpture is celebrating its 100th Year today.

Chennai Central Railway station is celebrating its 100th year today. Central Railway station is oldest and tradition of India. It was constructed in British period. This railway station dint change form its great heritage nature and now also it was an unhide monument in all of our minds. No one-can denial, that in Tamil Films this Railway station tower is the only identity for us that this scene was taken in Chennai.

The tourist who comes form long distance to chennai, if they travel in Train or not, they will never forget to see this Railway Station. Some will take photos, so that whey can enjoy every day by seeing its beauty. The railway station, which got these Best things, is entering its 100th designed year today. Central Railway station was started in 1873, April 7. That time, the place like Hall, which is between the Booking office and 6th platform was act as Railway station. That place was also act as Booking office and lodging for passengers. Now also that place was called as Hall.

In Railway station the tentative place like 3,4,5, and 6 platforms self was there in that time. Very low trains were went and come. First time the train was started in double way between Chennai and Arakonam (a town near chennai). But after days go, the passenger’s visit was increased. Next to this stage, the railway was in a situation to extend the Railway station. For that in 1905 on April 4, the newly designed Railway station was opened. The British Engineer Chisholm its self designed the Railway station, for this he got 5,000 rupees award.

After paying the designed, railway station got a new beauty. The title appearance and its color was enticement every body. After that the number of platforms and number of Trains have been increased. Now there are 13 platforms in Central Railway station. Express and mails including 72 trains are operating every day. In 1981 the substitute Electric Railway station was open, that time only one platform was there. Everyday 220 substitute electric trains are operating. Including this two railway station everyday at least 2 lakh passengers are coming and going. The Height of Railway station’s central over roof’s tower was 136 feet. In the top of this there is 4 face giant Clock. It will raise sound for every 15 minutes and inform the passengers about the time. It’s sound will hear for 3 kilometers. Today (Tuesday) the Railway station design was completing its 100th year, like that on 7th Chennai Central Railway station is completing its 133rd years (from the station built.). We should be proud to tell that we have a beautiful heritage place in Chennai.


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Jeevan man! you seriously need to improve your English (at least when you're posting in a blog that looks so kempt)

Suresh Kanna said...

yep, this picture used to be the face of chennai. your english is not bad either :P

check this place out if you are curious or interested in Chennai city as a whole. Its an upcoming site of mine.