Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Of Consciousness and 'What the Bleep!?'

I finally watched the movie 'What The Bleep Do We Know' yesterday and an interesting question came into mind. Do you still remember your first instance of consciousness? When did you first realize you're alive? I vaguely remember my first ever memory on this earth was waking up one morning and seeing the sun rays through the window. I cant remember what age I was then but that could possibly be the moment I 'found' consciousness and became aware of the world. Many issues and theories were dissected in the movie, with Quantum theory being the main idea behind that unique venture.

There could be a multitude of divine or religious interpretations behind consciousness, but in the past decade or so, science was able to provide many answers to the creation of reality which arises for being conscious. What is consciousness really? Wikipedia terms consciouness as a state of being self aware or more deeply sentience. Being alive and realizing you are alive and have the ability to comprehend the world and universe. Its an abstract idea that may read simple but proves very hard to grasp scientifically.

[-] This is my Tag to everyone who reads this post. What is your first ever memory of being alive and do you still remember the day?

[+] The Center for Consciouness

[+] Do watch the movie 'What The Bleep Do We Know'. Its an unique docu-drama that asks and aswers intelligent questions and ideas by explaining the quantum world and consciouness in a very layman manner. And it packs a great cast of scientist and other big thinkers who explains the universe in an enjoyable take at a science culture that's reinventing itself and moves away from mainstream religious interpretations towards a more human centric observer whose given the God status.


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Live the Future said...

This sounds like a very interesting movie, I'll have to rent it soon.

I have one slight quibble, which is that personally speaking, I don't know if I would equate "earliest memory" with when one attains sentience or self-awareness. (Of course, much depends on how one defines those terms.) Can we become self-aware after we start laying down long-term memories? It certainly seems feasable that we could become self-aware before a time we're able to remember.

I actually have several memories from my early childhood, the earliest I can recall being when I was maybe around 2. For some odd reason, all my early childhood memories were, literally, bright and sunny. According to pop psychology this probably means I had a happy childhood, though it could also simply mean I have a selective memory. :-)

Jeevan said...

i think this should be a informaive movie.

Nirek said...

Hello Group,
Thnx GP for extending me an invite for the group! I love to be part of this initiative!
Lets live thru this experience!

Consciousness is the man's soul search. I dont remember the first instant when i realised i am alive in this world. While thinking back, it gives a great sensation!

Self Actualisation is in top of Markov's pyramid on human evolution!

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Very thought provking blog ..let me think ..when did I felt my will be in blog soon...

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still_figuring_out said...

i like this concept, of trying to recall my first memory. will write it in my blog soon!