Tuesday, December 26, 2006

2050 and The New Blogger

Dear All,

The 2050 blog is using the New Blogger now. All the members and anyone who wants to be a member has to switch to the New Blogger to continue posting here. If the switch function is not yet activated in your blogs, please be patient. It will appear very soon.

For the ones who has switched, welcome to the New Blogger and hope you make your stay worthwhile. Please do post often. I have set up labels to categorize the posts. If you are a frequent blogger and wants to be a moderator here, please buzz me.

There will be new goals for this blog very soon. We will be focusing more of the coming years and the evolution of humanity, earth and the Internet as said before. Hence I have separated the goals section into decades to better chart the changes happening around us.

Thank you,

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