Tuesday, November 21, 2006

The Future Of Global Media

The previous century is the war century, forever changing the political and socioeconomics scenario of the world. For better or worst, war has shaped our lives in ways never before thought. One pivotal tool of war would be the media; if the world wars were covered extensively by the print media, but only influencing from a minority role, the gulf wars and the current terror wars are heavily shaped by the satellite media. As we explore the roles of the big media corps such as CNN and BBC, and if we take a none biased looks, they are playing the cards of their masters. The big corps especially American media is still twisted by their political masters, more evident than ever since the Watergate scandal. While we hunger for the truth, the truth itself is fake these days.

Hence, the future of media must and if we want it such, be free of any political elements, offer an unabridged and non biased look at the matters unraveling around the world thats both can satisfy the individual need and offer a strong cultural significance.

Two new news channels were launched in this past week to offer an alternative view of the world. Al Jazeera , which has already been on air for 10 years launched worldwide this week while France 24 is a brand new satellite channel backed by France airing in English and French to the world.

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Forty_Two said...

Will parents finally be held accountable for the results of their gross incompetence and bad role modeling in the year 2050?