Saturday, March 25, 2006

A journey to the unknown...

Whatever be the cause for us to actually stay pledged to the cause to blog till 2050, the need of the hour is to stay focussed on the work at hand, that of being successful individuals while charting our own road, and developing India into a strong independant nation, not being free in name, but being truly being free in the democratic sense, that of being able to decide who should rule us, about what decisions should be taken, and what faith we should follow, not just in the political arena.

By which, I mean that we should have a clearly charted road as to why we should take stands when there is a dispute which needs to be decided upon. I feel that the worst stand that anyone can take with respect to any dispute is no stand at all. Fence sitters are not what we need.

However, there are some things that need to be looked into. Taking sides or putting forth of ideas is what gives birth to new ideas. Whether it be the newest international policy that the Indian High Commissioner takes, or it is the doping scandal that has newly rocked the Indian Athletic scenario, everyone should have their say, and, more importantly, put forth their views without the need to feel afraid for doing so.

The point of the whole diatribe is to encourage dialogue among the denizens, so that there is a bigger and better tomorrow that our future generations can look at. I genuinely feel that there is a need for the fear of the authority to be removed.

However, I do not say here that the authorities should be blatantly abused or disregarded. I am not advocating an armed revolt. What I am saying is that there are people who want to put their thoughts across to the world. But they do not do so because they are under a mistaken belief that sanctions may be placed on them, and they may be shunned.

Break these shackles of inhibition, I say. Come out from this mistaken belief that there would be sanctions. If not anything else, scream in the anonymity of the web. There would be people who would listen and take up your cause. Have a substantial output, something meaningful to add to the confused voices that would provide some direction to the meandering processes.

Let us take India to the next level, whether it be the standard of living, or it be the way in which we are being governed, or the tax rate that we are being subjected to.

And the India that we live in would be a much better place to live in.

Love, laughter n keep the Faith


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